Olfation is the most fundamental of all five senses because the brain responds to a fragrance before the other four come into play. Also customers are affected by scent, because it is the only sense, which cannot be turned off and for another, it connects with them on an emotional level.

Customers are affected by scent prompting immediate emotional responses; however, scent alone is not enough to create a positive shopper’s experience. Customers use all their senses and also other details play a role in delivering a pleasant olfactory experience such as layout and window displays, lights, sounds, decorations and of course sales staff.

An appropriate fragrance in the right setting can actually heighten the perception of merchandise quality and increase lingering time in a department store or boutique. Selection requires care and mastery, as fragrances must complement the setting and enhance the perception with the target audience. Custom signature scents for retail and fashion brands are designed to express the overall brand message and environment and become an integrated and memorable aspect of the brand overall identity and brand communication.

Ambient scents must evoke positive feelings among customers if they are to be effective. Adding a diffused fragrance to a retail store or small boutique enhances the shopper’s experience and connects with them on an emotional level. The selected aroma must be very simple and barely noticeable. For larger outlets, combinations of many fragrances can be effective.

How to create a signature scent to create stronger communication and deepen brand loyalty

By creating a signature scent for your retail store or boutique you should answer the following question: What is my purpose in dispersing scent? You should take into account, which aroma appeals most to your customers and what kind of technique and technology must be used in your store.

Scented candles serve as the perfect home accessories, where they are often a symbol of the beginning of a nice evening. On the other hand, in retail environments, candles can be very dangerous and not recommended for department stores.

Not suitable are also air-fresheners. Their aromas can change chemically after a few days, their ingredients are not balanced and their fragrance intensity will fade fast. In this way they can be costly and inefficient.

To provide aroma for a department store or boutique we recommend fragrance carriers that use cold air technology and release scent without any spray, aerosols or oil heating. The devices, which operate on the basis of this top technology, guarantee an even steady flow of fragrance and enable the control of the required strength of scents in the space. They can work for up to 90 days without the need for maintenance.

The best popular scents for department stores & boutiques


They can bring about a feeling of complete purity and freshness. They evoke an atmosphere of new beginnings, first rays of the sun and the flow of positive energies. These scents are considered rejuvenating and stimulating. They provide the perfect backdrop for brands seeking to convey a high-energy store environment – sports stores, fashion for teenagers.


Floral scents remind of the unforgettable scent of gardens and breathe new life into the space. They are very versatile and range in effect from pure and sweet to complex and exotic. Their aromatic and stimulating effects take the mind to quiet places and they are favorites of fashion boutiques and jewelry stores.


They remind us of our favorite dishes. They create an atmosphere full of pleasant tastes and nostalgia. They are especially suitable for specialized grocery and housewares stores, where they help to create a cozy environment. The scents of coffee, chocolate, basil and red fruits are the most popular.


The scent of fresh cut grass, trees or earthy scents are inspired by nature and are associated with the concept of cleanliness. They provide the perfect backdrop for outdoor outfitters.


The smell of vanilla is often associated with pleasant childhood memories. Cookies and pies baking in the oven evoke happiness and the recall of early family interactions. The essence of vanilla is warm, inviting, sweet, playful and friendly. It works well for boutiques that sell women’s clothing.


The smell of honey can captivate and build a long-term memory in customers. It works well for men’s clothing.

Fresh cotton or baby powder fragrance

The clean, fresh and soft aroma of fresh cotton and baby powder promotes peaceful feelings and helps customers feel comfortable within a retail setting. It is suitable especially for stores with an assortment for toddlers and small children. It works well in stores for strollers, baby seats and other equipment.


The smell of lavender can reduce mental and physical signs of depression and anxiety. All you have to do is to inhale this scent. This plant is full of essential oils, which have a strong and positive effect on human body and it is the most unique and popular scent in the world. The scent of lavender has calming effect and has also an influence on the area of our brain that processes memories. This fragrance in the store will definitely be engraved in customer’s memory. It can also act as a repellent against mosquitoes.

Did you not find a suitable fragrance in this offer?

In general, the use of fragrance in retail store makes a customer stay longer by around 20% of the time. In addition to that, the scent stimulates the senses of customers and so they are more willing to shop in a proper scented space.

Did you not find a suitable fragrance for your store in our offer? Request a free consultation and explore how to create a custom scent! Creating of your olfactory logo begins with a professional approach of our sensory marketing experts. The result will be an increase in your sales by the same store traffic. Find out more on www.storemedia.eu.


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