Digital signage

Elevate your marketing to a more effective level! Be "IN", change the interaction with the outside world and control digital content centrally and easily. With properly selected content on advertising screens, you can show the customer how much you care. It informs and makes fun for your customers. Digital signage is not just about advertising screens. Use them to promote your brand. The possibilities are endless

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  • Simplicity

    Quickly and easily change advertising campaigns, inform your customers or communicate with the environment.

  • Variability

    Remotely control one LCD monitor or several hundreds with a single click. Control your tablet or large media wall. Be online!

  • Safety

    You are solely responsible for the content you play and have control over it. Your data is safe. Use reports.

  • Speed

    Improve your marketing and manage your online campaigns. Get feedback from your customers quickly and easily.

Create your best Digital Signage solution with us

We map your needs

After a thorough analysis, we jointly determine the proposed solution. We will offer our experience and world trends so that your marketing communication works thanks to Digital signage solutions as one compact and functional unit.

Installation and pilot test

We implement a turnkey digital signage solution. We will supply the entire system or use your existing equipment for our solution.

We have our own software solution

We supply our own software solution for the operation and management of the entire system. We integrate digital signage into existing applications. We are constantly innovating the software and adapting it to new trends, supporting various operating systems.

Content is an integral part of Digital Signage

We will produce any presentations or use your existing ones (videos, images, ppt presentations, web, RSS, etc.).

Digital Signage

Two basic rules for designing the whole Digital Signage system correctly:

  • You must know your customers well
  • Try looking through your customers’ eyes


Provide employees with information online, e.g. company news, business successes, fulfillment of plans, new benefits, lunch menu …


Add value to your clients and give them the opportunity to actively spend time and learn something new while waiting.


Entertain clients while they wait. Offer them compelling audiovisual content. No ads! While waiting, both small and large customers will have fun.

Own PR

Use screens to promote your own brand. Build your brand. Encourage his positive perception. Present your digital content.


Support the sale of your products and services. Offer advertising space to your business partners and increase the return on investment.

Be interactive

Digital signage is an ideal sales support. It’s a great way to target customers according to their mood. Facial recognition technology makes it easier for advertisers to choose an ad based on their mood.

JT International

“We cooperate with Store Media in the field of digital signage and we are more than satisfied with their services and aftercare. We appreciate their responsible approach, reliability, quality technologies and creative solutions. Store Media is an exceptional business partner.”

JT International

Ivica Jančárová, Commercial Planning Manager


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