POS Advertising

Unlike other forms of advertising, point-of-sale advertising is perceived by customers as a useful shopping advisor. Use it as your advantage.

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  • Better sales support.

    Are you a Brand Manager and need to support the sale of your brand? Up to 80% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale. You will reach the customer anywhere in the store with an advertising link sent via our In-Store radios.

  • Be Digital!

    Change paper leaflets for a digital form of communication - LED screens, advertising stands, presentation walls or roll-up banners. Keep track of your advertising campaigns, manage your deployment, and be responsible for their content.

  • Inform about the news you are preparing.

    You can use in-store media to promote upcoming events and promotions. And not only yours - you can provide this form of advertising on your In-Store radio and In-Store TV, for example, to other entrepreneurs in your area.

  • Local and central.

    We can market your customers both in local / regional campaigns and centrally within large chains.

Effective POS advertising - let's create it together!

Advertising in chain shops

Support your business with an advertising campaign on Tesco radio or the Metro Cash & Carry network. Thanks to Store Media, you can also advertise in the Czech Republic - try in-store radio on the Albert, Tesco, Makro network or on the Makra screens.

Choosing the right POS ad format and campaign length

To achieve the desired effect, we consult with you which POS advertising format to choose (In-Store radio or advertising screens). We will suggest the right POS ad format that will work. We will prepare a media plan according to your target group so that your marketing strategy is compact and effective.

Production of audio and video spots

We will design, produce and deploy audio or video spots together with you. If you already have a spot, we will include it.

Advertising media

Our ad media reliably delivers your link to every paying customer in the store. Take advantage of this targeted ad. Let us know in which city, region or country you want the ad to be broadcast and we will prepare a model media plan for you.

Austria Trend Hotel

“I’m thrilled about the smells offered by Store Media. In the hotel lobby we welcome our guests with a pleasant scent that has a positive charisma. I use a total of 3 scents from different directions. Especially in a café, the scent fills the room and creates a special feeling of well-being. “

Austria Trend Hotel

Christoff Seibert, Director of Austria Trend Hotel Schillerpark Linz


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