In-Store Radio

Music creates atmosphere and influences the mood of customers. We will tailor the in-store radio for you! We will create the atmosphere according to your ideas. Based on the knowledge of your goals, we will design the music and sound background according to your needs.

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  • In-store radio will entertain your customers

    Create the perfect sound system for your premises and make your visit to your establishment more pleasant for your customers. Be "IN", choose a music genre for each generation or for a specific type of your clients. No side effects in the form of ads or moderator inputs.

  • In-store radio creates a discreet space

    Do you need to create a discreet environment for your clients? In-Store radio is the most efficient and fastest choice. The musical backdrop covers unwanted sounds, brings a feeling of well-being and completely changes the atmosphere.

  • In-store radio will give you the opportunity to grow your business

    Offer your business partners the opportunity to promote their products or services using your In-Store radio. We will create tailor-made commercials for you to broadcast. In-Store Radio is also an excellent tool for transmitting internal information. You don't have to worry about anything.

How does the In-Store radio service work?

Music format selection

Each space requires an individual approach and a unique atmosphere. We know this, which is why we create a music format tailored to each of our customers.

Building a sound system

We will create a sound system for you according to your needs and possibilities. From simple solutions to top sound systems in luxurious spaces.

Uploading commercials

We produce more than 70 advertising audio spots per month. We will also produce them for you and air them in your broadcast.

Protective associations

We will arrange all communication with the protection unions for you. We will handle everything without stress and if you decide to save, we have a solution free of charge with a protection association - Royalty free music (RFM).

In-Store Radio - Gallery of music compilations

Music could complete the atmosphere, but also spoil it. When choosing music, we always focus on the type of visitors for which the space is intended. Depending on that, we will choose a suitable music style or mix of styles. We use various music genres to achieve the desired atmosphere. Here is an example of some of our music mixes:

Folk music:

Folk music is suitable, for example, in the wine cellar, with unique atmosphere. Guests come here to enjoy the entertainment and music. Such music could also transmits seniors in their youth and can naturally support them in their activities.

Relaxing music:

Music can be very helpful in creating the right atmosphere for relaxation. It helps to get rid of negative influences and thoughts, reduces stress and improves resting. Relaxing music is suitable not only in the premises of wellness centers, but also, for example, in waiting rooms at dentists or in medical facilities. It helps wash away stress and negative thoughts from your head.

Classical music:

This musical genre is melodic and especially strongly emotionally tuned. Therefore, it is suitable, for example, for car dealers. Buying a car is for many a fulfillment of their dream and with such a significant investment the buyer does not want to make the wrong decision. Classical music is calming and perfect in itself. Just like a new car. For similar reasons, classical music is often used in advertising campaigns that promote their sale. Another suitable example of its use are e.g. luxury jewelry stores.


This musical style, which originated in the early 20th century, is synonymous with freedom. It provides endless possibilities for expression in music and completes the excellent atmosphere, for example in cafes, where visitors, in addition to tasty coffee and quality services, are literally enriched by a good jazz mix. This style of music has also proved at the hotel receptions, where we use it mainly in the late afternoon and evening.

Fashion music:

Music as cut from a fashion show is exactly what it adds to the luxury of a fashion boutique. Customers looking for the latest fashion trends have a sense of uniqueness with a well-chosen soundstage. Another example is the entrance areas of business centers, where the people starts their morning and it helps to achieve the desired effect.

Party music:

A good party is as good as music played at the party, but playing song after song from one CD is not the right choice. Party music is a mix of current pop music hits. Such music is suitable for the casino or fitness center. It excites visitors and their time flows much faster.

Other custom styles:

Didn’t find a solution for your operation in the selected styles? Never mind. Contact us and we will provide you with a free consultation. Each client is unique to us and we create a special music mix for each client. We will create it for you too.


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