Aroma Marketing

We evoke the best emotions in your customer. The scent is the longest memorable sensation, acting directly on the emotional center of the brain.

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  • Do you need to give your store a touch of luxury?

    The right scent will perfectly separate your space sensually and create its luxurious appearance. Give your visitors a feeling of luxury.

  • Do you want the customer to feel like at home?

    We will make sure that the smell of freshly prepared coffee or just baked cake spreads in your café or confectionery.

  • Do you want to know how to make the client's visit at your store unique?

    The pleasant scent can enchant clients, slow them down and give them time to choose. They will bring a uniqueness to the space.

How does Aroma Marketing work?

Choosing the right scent for the retail space

Our fragrances are certified by IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and meet the highest quality standards. We will advise the right scent to conquer your customer.

Installation of technical aroma equipment

To achieve the desired effect for you, we will choose a suitable device adapted to your preferred aroma and the size of the flavored space, we will set the right intensity of the scent.

Regular service and fragrance replenishment

Our scents work all day, 365 days a year. We regularly replenish them and take care of servicing the devices in your sales area.

Test operation

If you want to scent your sales premises professionally and you want to try cooperation with us, we will allow you to test it directly at your premises.

Aroma Marketing - Selected and frequently used fragrances

Are you thinking about how to get rid of the odor or give your operation a more luxurious look? Aroma marketing will add a whole new dimension to your brand! Everyone can choose from our scents. A wide range of aromas awaits you, which will put clients in a positive mood and will be more open to new offers.

Clear and fresh

These can recall the feeling of total purity and freshness. Evoking the atmosphere of new beginnings, first touches of sunlight rays and positive energy stream.

  • citrus and lemon grass
  • green clover, aloe



They can encourage sensuality and energize romantic atmosphere. Adding seductiveness and irresistability.

  • black orchid
  • white ginger, ylang


They recall us unforgettable scent of flower gardens and breathe new life into the space. Their aromatic and invigorating effects can bring over your mind to calm places, suitable for meetings with friends.

  • jasmine, gardenia, rose, hibiscus
  • green tea


Luxurious and sophisticated

These are creating the atmosphere of luxury and extravagancy. These fragrances can make an impression and create lasting memory.

  • musk, sandal wood, amber
  • white tea, thyme

Relaxing and calming

They are creating the calm environment, which allows to switch off and relax. Positively influence our mind and help to relax.

  • bamboo, lavender
  • fruit tones


Travelling and escape from reality

They attract our interest by their mysterious and exotic scent. In our mind they can transfer us to distant destinations. We can travel with them around the whole world and create unforgettable memories.

  • coconut, ginger
  • spicy and fruit tones

Delicious and tasty

They remind us our favorite meals. Create the atmosphere full of delicious tastes and nostalgia.

  • coffee, chocolate, vanilla
  • basil, red fruit

Fragrances of home and feasts

They create the atmosphere of home and environment suitable for friendly and family get-together. Recall the feeling of comfort through warm and pleasant tones.

  • cinnamon, vanilla, honey
  • wood tones, Christmas fragrances


Product fragrances

They help promote the sale of products which scent is hidden under the packaging. They reveal the scent and can intensify emotions.

  • chocolate, tea, coffee
  • chewing gums, fruit drinks, candies


Tatra Banka

„As an innovative bank, we like to bring new experiences to our clients. Due to introduction of new concept of branches, we decided to test one of the latest trends – aroma marketing. The first feedback from clients was very positive, we’ll see, maybe we’ll find the right scent for our brand. “

Tatra Banka

Filip Bielčik Brand Communication and Strategy Department

Parndorf Fashion Outlet

“Thanks to sensory marketing from Store Media, shopping at the fashion store Parndorf has become an even greater experience. The pleasant and refreshing atmosphere in our shopping center is highly appreciated by Austrians and many foreign customers. “

Parndorf Fashion Outlet

Marius Gyparis, Head of Marketing, FOP

Austria Trend Hotel

“I’m thrilled about the smells offered by Store Media. In the hotel lobby we welcome our guests with a pleasant scent that has a positive charisma. I use a total of 3 scents from different directions. Especially in a café, the scent fills the room and creates a special feeling of well-being. “

Austria Trend Hotel

Christoff Seibert, Director of Austria Trend Hotel Schillerpark Linz


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