Hotels and spa facilities are places where visitors go to rest and relax. The environment and atmosphere play a significant role in building impressions and relationships with the site. Do you know how you can effectively influence all these aspects and win more favor from your guests?

Create a place where guests will love to return

Spa facilities and hotels are a specific segment. They are not primarily a point of sale, but a kind of comfortable stop on a business trip, a short weekend stay, or a long-desired holiday. The first impression that guests will get immediately after entering the hotel or spa is crucial. The appearance and cleanliness of the interior, the material and technical equipment, and the smiling, friendly staff are essential in creating a positive impression. Why do some hotels enjoy the incredible popularity of their visitors and others, with a similar level of service, struggle with getting more customers? One of the reasons is sensory marketing.

“Create the best welcome effect and welcome guests in style.”

Discover the power of sensory marketing, and your visitors will become your regular guests.

Sensory marketing, as the name implies, affects the human senses. Did you know that smell is one of the strongest and, at the same time, underestimated senses in terms of sensory marketing? We subconsciously record a pleasant scent or a stink we smell without realizing it. In our minds, every smell experience, enjoyable or not, connects with a given situation, person, or place, creating a strong association that lasts in our memory for years.

Marketers became aware of this scientifically proven fact and transformed the accumulated knowledge into a new discipline called “sensory marketing.” Areas with a pleasant smell, supported by appropriately selected melodies and complemented by attractive visual content, are guaranteed to turn an ordinary business into a more lucrative place. Customers feel highly comfortable in them and then return with pleasure.

Scent as a hotel signature

Right at the entrance and in the reception area, where guests spend the first minutes of their stay, you can actively affect the human senses through aroma marketing and the power of fragrance. The pleasant scent evokes an ideal atmosphere full of well-being, relaxation, and unwinding. This way, you can easily take your hotel to the next level. If your visitors smell a pleasant scent right as they enter your facility, they will feel that they are in the right place. And there´s more. Apply your signature scent wherever your guests can get pleasantly stimulated by it. It will support a positive feeling about your brand. Use the scent in the spa, in the corners of the hotel, or in the chamber corridors, which are often unused spaces. The scent will change dull corners into areas with a luxurious touch.

Make the space more pleasant with the right background music

Music is an element that affects another of the human senses: hearing. Pleasant melodies without disturbing elements relax your guests and help them get rid of their stress. The music also acts as an intimate backdrop. Especially in the reception area, you will support the confidentiality of the dialogue between your guests and staff, e.g., when reporting personal data and other sensitive information.

By playing a commercial radio in the background, you expose your visitors to playlists interrupted by empty comments of a radio host and many advertisements that will hardly create the desired atmosphere. The solution is the hotel’s own In-store radio, which corresponds to the atmosphere of the hotel or spa facility and provides a unique music mix. A tailor-made playlist, which will be taken care of by an experienced music manager, will create a pleasant musical background in your premises without disturbing radio host chatter or commercial breaks.

A modern presentation that will also entertain

Speaking of waiting at the reception desk, another very important sense that we can affect is the sight. By installing LCD panels in your hotel or in the reception area of your spa facility, you will create attractive visual content for your guests, which will make their waiting time for accommodation or other provided services more pleasant. Using Digital Signage or In-Store TV, you can entertain your guests, but also inform them about your offers, interesting locations around your hotel, or use this space for external advertising. In addition, providing digital advertising space will bring you a new form of attractive financial income.

Individual sensory marketing tools and their effective combination can create a unique space from your hotel or wellness center. An intoxicating scent, pleasant music, or engaging visual content will evoke emotions in your guests and leave a good impression. These will subconsciously affect how your guests see your brand and turn your occasional visitors into regular guests.


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