Scent in a store provides a long-lasting memory, which human hide in the brain subconsciously and remember this olfactory percept for many years. By shopping as by many other activities, we do not think about whether we will store the scent in memory or not. We do it subconsciously and this is the principle of aroma marketing.

Scent marketing is used to trigger a positive emotion in customers and transform the point of sale into a place of positive experience. Here are 3 proven tips how you can increase sales using scents.

  1. Support your brand with a unique scent and develop scent branding

Imagine, you are 6 years old again and you are visiting your grandparents. Your grandma bakes your favorite cake, which smells all over the house and you can’t wait for her to put it on the table. Now imagine that 20 years later you are walking around in center of Bratislava and you can smell the same amazing scent from a coffeehouse. A nice picture, isn’t it? Surely you have not forgotten the smell of this great cake, even though 20 years have passed and you never recalled it during this time, but a lasting memory from the back of your mind has taken you back in time. Your reaction would probably be as follows: without thinking, you enter the coffeehouse, order an old familiar cake and coffee and, best of all, you will definitely come back again.

Shoppers react the same way when they smell the familiar scent at the moment they enter a store. They build a relationship with the brand and they know, smelling a familiar scent, that this is their brand, which they trust. It is a place, where they feel good and what is most important, it is a place, where they want to spend their money. Clearly recognizable fragrance, branded scent, encourages customers to look forward to visiting you as much as they once did with their grandparents.

2.Branded scent stimulates emotions and increases (not only) food sales

How do you fell when you enter a store and smell fresh baked bread? A pleasant scent spreads in the store and you are already looking forward to enjoying fresh, crunchy bread at home. It is proven, that food aromas support food sales and create a pleasant shopping experience.

The most popular food aromas are the aroma of coffee, basil, sausage, orange pepper seasoning and of course chocolate. By introducing new products and various promotional activities at a point of sales, the aroma can increase the emotion and the customer will, based on a pleasant smell, remember your new product.

Aroma marketing helps to create an emotion thanks to a scent, which is missing by exhibited and vacuum sealed food. The customer will automatically associate this emotion with your brand and create a long-lasting pleasant memory. And it is not just about food products. An interesting product aroma is for example the fragrance “Fresh Linen” from STORE MEDIA, which is perfect for the sales promotion of washing powder or softener or other similar products. The second interesting example is the fragrance “Fresh Cut Grass”, also from STORE MEDIA, which works well by exhibition of grass cutters, grills and the like.

3.Eliminate unpleasant odors in your business operation with a properly selected scent 

While the first two tips were focused on creating the desired scent, the third tip of using aroma marketing is about the elimination of unwanted odors. Even in the best designed environment, the unwanted unpleasant smell can completely ruin a good impression.

If there are, for example, toilets or a fast food booth, an unpleasant odor stays with your customers for a long time during their shopping. Another risk of unwanted odors is cigarette smoke, either from outside or from a nearby in-store coffeehouse. During the summer months, the smell of human sweat is a disturbing element.

Aroma marketing can handle all these unwanted odors. Sensory marketing companies offer a wide range of fragrances that effectively eliminate unpleasant odors.

How to achieve this?

It is not easy to acquire a new customer, but it is even harder to turn a new customer into a loyal one. Marketing trends and ways to attract customers are constantly expanding, among other sensory marketing, which includes also aroma marketing. You should not forget about it for your point of sales. Find out more about benefits of sensory marketing on


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