Have you ever wondered why we always like to return to our holiday destination we have already been to before? Why do we travel to Croatia on the same island for ten years? Why do we always order the same food in our favorite restaurant? And what about the shopping behavior of your customers?

People generally are always looking for certainty and when choosing products they want to buy, they take various criteria into account, such as brand, quality, price, etc. With the ways how to influence the subconscious mind of human behavior deals sensory marketing. Nowadays, the sector that is developing most rapidly is the aroma marketing.

How does aroma marketing help to build a strong brand – customer relationship?

Scent provides a long-lasting memory, which human hide in the brain subconsciously and remembers this olfactory percept for many years. By shopping as by many other activities, we do not think about whether we will store the scent in memory or not. The effect of aroma marketing show when we enter a store and smell an old familiar scent, associated for us with a brand we know and we trust.

In today’s world full of hustle and bustle, travelling and constant relocation, it is often impossible for the customer to always shop in the same old, well-known, favorite store.  So how can we make the customer always feel at home in the store and he does not notice the difference whether they are shopping in New York, London or Vienna?

Imagine, you are 6 years old again and you are visiting your grandparents. Your grandma bakes your favorite cake, which smells all over the house and you can’t wait for her to put it on the table. Now imagine that 20 years later you are walking around in center of Bratislava and you can smell the same amazing scent from a coffeehouse. A nice picture, isn’t it? Surely you have not forgotten the smell of this great cake, even though 20 years have passed and you never recalled it during this time, but a lasting memory from the back of your mind has taken you back in time. Your reaction would probably be as follows: without thinking, you enter the coffeehouse, order an old familiar cake and coffee and, best of all, you will definitely come back again.

Your customers react the same way when they smell the familiar scent at the moment they enter a store. They build a relationship with the brand and they know, smelling a familiar scent, that this is their brand, which they trust. It is a place, where they feel good and what is most important, it is a place, where they want to spend their money.

Humans can identify more than six thousand smells, which they then remember for many years. STORE MEDIA has been transforming a point of sale into a place of positive experience for 15 years. Join us and use scents to create a place that customers will look forward to visiting as much as they once did with their grandparents.


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